Kitchen Splash Backs

Having the glass splashbacks in your kitchen will surely give your home a "face lift".


They are used in many occasions because of the durabilty & easy to clean surfaces. With so many colours to chose from, you can make your kitchen looks both colourful & faboulous..


whether it's an old or a brand new kitchen, with the splashbacks, you will be surprised how it will change the overall character of your kitchen altogether...

Keeping the kitchen clean is a very much an important thing today specially when you have a  busy lifestyle Splashbacks will save your time cleaning and they are so easy to kep clean. 


Splashbacks can be used in many areas. We highly recommend it for Kitchens, Shower Enclosures, glass table tops, Coloured Sliding Robe Doors and as Feature Walls.

With our expert sales representatives and their careful accurate measurements we deliver the best results.

We only use Mould/Acid free siliconing to secure the glass to the surfaces.


We usually use 6mm toughened safety glass(Starphire[low in Iron]/standard) with popular colours (British Paint/Taubman/Dulux) available in the market today as well as our own metalic colours.


Our aim is to deliver top QUALITY products as FAST as we can.


(P.S. Maximun length of the splash back glass is around 5meters.(Subject to on-site assessment)

Kitchen SplashBack



Splashbacks in Shower Areas


Bathroom is one of the main rooms in your home and it's heavily used on a daily basis.  And keeping it cleaned is a challeneg today. Tiles used to be the trend..But the glass splashbacks are becoming the latest fashion n you will find it so easier to keep it clean n looks amazing too.


The Bathroom is no longer a careless and less important place any more. It adds the value to your lovely home and those who are looking for a new home will give

prioroty to thier important homes with beautifully done Kitchens with a splashbacks.

By carefully planning you can add that "wow" factor to your bathroom by changing old style tiled walls to Coloured Glass splashbacks.


You will also realise that having glass splashbacks in shower enclosures helps to keep them cleaned..

You will be surprised how convenient it is to maintain a clean enviorenment in your bathroom with glass splash backs n how the value of your home will change dramatically.. 










Bathroom Splashback walls

Kitchen Splashbacks