Fully Framed Pivot door shower screen

 Framed Shower screens


These are standard fully framed shower screens. Available in either Pivot or sliding door style depends on the circumstances in your shower area. Sometimes customers want to stick to old ways..Not knowing what new designs could  be available which can make the life easier..With Quick N Ezy Showerscreens We always acknowledge your preference before we give you our honest advices n opinions.. These showerscreens are water tight built to last n designed to last.. With proper maintenace our products will give you life long service..


Frame colours

 Standard colours

   #  Bright chrome

   #  White

   #  Almond Cream

   #  Bright Gold

       (Special colours are subject to Availability)


Glass types


   #  Clear see through glass

   #  Metalux (Obscure)

   #  Cathedral glass (Obscure)



All glass are locally manufactured as to the Australian Standards and installed by well experienced Installers.









INTEGRITY PIVOT with Obsecure glass

OPTIMA Semi framed shower screen pivot door

Fully Framed Pivot door shower screen