semi frameless Obscure glass

MIRAGE semi frameless

 Shower screens

Built to last..Designed to impress


Bathroom has become one of the most important part of our homes in recent years and having a quality showerscreenis a must. Whether you are doing a total renovation or just replacing the old shower screen is something you must carefully consider about..


It can be frustrating & may leave you with feelings of embarassment when you know your relatives / friends are visiting you in few days time and the shabby looking shower screens of yours at home may give them a bad impression.


Our shower screen designs are impressive & up to modern standards as well as durable in every apsect..Our workmanship is second to none.. Professional & abide by the current Australian Standards & applicable consumer laws...


 Shower screens will take care of all your needs right away when you think it's time to get your showerscreens changed.


Please feel free to contact us for a free measure and quote either over the phone or by sending us an email to



INTEGRITY PIVOT with Obsecure glass

10mm Frameless shower screen

10mm frameless glass panel only

Standard semi framed Showerscreen


 Shower Screens with non see through glass


Privacy is an important fact when it comes to designing your bathroom & choosing what type of showerscreen fits best.


Most homes still have their teenagers living with them and some homes have one bathroom with both toiletry & shower facility are installed inside of them.


Having an OBSCURED glass screen will keep you at ease n makes you wanna enjoy your long showers time to time.


We mostly use METALUX glass (An Acid Etched glass type) or CATHEDRAL patterned glass made according to Australian Standards n 100% safe to use & so easy to keep them clean..'



Pictures below are few examples...


   A Semi frameless shower screen made in 6mm METULUX toughened glass with exposed polished edges

   A fully framed pivot door screen made with CATHEDRAL toughened glass.


(P.S. Any other Patterns are subject to availability at the time of Quotation)





semi frameless Obscure glass

INTEGRITY PIVOT with Obsecure glass

Semi Frameless Shower Screen

Semi Frameless shower Screen n frameless Bevelled mirror


Showerscreens built around the bath


Today most homes, new or old have baths installed in their bathrooms and we have solutions to supply modern showerscreen to whatever the bath type is..

Frameless, semi frameless, framed or fixed & swing styles.



you can call us to make an appointment with one of our friendly sales representatives to discuss about your options..We are here to help you design an amazing looking bathroom so you and your family can enjoy everyday...

Fully framed fixed & swing bath screen

MIRAGE semi frameless

Frameless shower screen

Fully framed fixed & swing bath screen