Semi Frameless Shower Screens


Today the Quality of the Semi Frameless Shower Screens are so incredible and they have taken over the standard fully framed shower screens by large...


They operate so smoothly and most importantly all the parts are easily available  if you want to repair it years later and it's proofs of elegance and durability in modern screens. 


This slick design is so beautiful it makes those who wanted a standard fully framed screens to eventually choose this beauty.


They are built to last and smartly engineered, It has become the most famous screen type by many of our customers so far.


They are available in any size you want as we custom make every screen to suit your bathroom and your budget.


We use 6mm toughened safety glass for all our Semi Frameless Screens and it works best when installed by our friendly experienced installers.


We gurantee you that your bathroom will give a lasting impresion all the years to come...





Contour semi frameless

semi frameless shower screen

6mm semi Frameless shower screen with 2 door style 


6mm Semi frameless screen bottom frameless entry

Bathroom Splashback walls

MIRAGE semi frameless

Stylish Hardware with top grade aluminium frames.

The Mirage 2 door semi frameless

semi frameless shower screen


6mm semi Frameless shower screen with 2 door style 

Semi frameless contour shower screen 

semi frameless Obscure glass